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Welcome to "The Recipe Pages".

I am not a cook or a chef but I enjoy cooking and making good food that others enjoy.

These are recipes that were freely and openly shared. I haven't copied anyone's recipes with out permission and credit for each recipe goes to the contributing author if I can remember who shared it with me.

Some of these recipes have been collected over many years on the road and some were given to me in notebooks and on slips of paper and such. They come from family, relatives, friends, and people I have met in my travels. They come from e-mails I have been sent. Some of the guys that like to cook, such as "Rudde Dogg - Paul" and "WD Brand - Doug" have offered many recipes for sharing. To them I say a huge thanks. If you have submitted a Recipe and I haven't said thanks, I apologize. Contrbutions are greatly appreciated.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please send it to the webmaster


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